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What do we offer?


Professional Network Design. Roadmap Planning.

Wireless knowledge is only a part of the equation. Without a well engineered wired network to ride on, it can't be reliable. Many times our customers perceive an issue with the WiFi, when in fact, the back end is creating the issue or bottleneck.


Our engineers are experts in asking the right questions and gathering the pertinent information required to efficiently and effectively design your network around your exact needs. There is no such thing as "one network fits all." Every detail counts and is considered when designing a network tailored to your business.

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WiFi Design. Troubleshooting and Optimization.

When it comes to wireless networks, we know our craft. Our team has been in the game since 802.11 was first introduced. We're experts in Cisco wireless, and have years of experience with almost all of Cisco's wireless fleet, from every model of WLC (Wireless LAN controller), to every AP (Access Point) and antenna type. 


One of our specialties has always been high density wireless, having mastered the art of jamming more devices in a space than 802.11 was created to support. We also have a deep understanding of RF (Radio Frequency), how devices behave on the network, and what is required for WiFi to be considered reliable.


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Network Security. VPN. Industry Best Practices.

The importance of network security and preventing unauthorized access into your environment is critical to both the protection of sensitive data, as well as network stability and reliability. Access to your network should be behind lock and key, unless authorized and documented. Even in BYOD (bring your own device) networks, there are many ways to create a secure environment for both your employees and guests.

As many businesses move toward a model that reflects more employees working from home, secure access into your corporate network can become challenging. Our team of experienced firewall and VPN experts can help you navigate the challenges surrounding a remote work force.

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Remote Monitoring & Support. Ongoing Maintenance.

Having someone in your corner who knows your network inside and out, especially the team that designed it, reduces your risk of extended down time dramatically. That cannot be over stated.

Many network issues can be resolved remotely, unless of course everything is down (a four letter word in our world). Full spectrum network monitoring and alerting is extremely important and critical to maintaining maximum network uptime. We can monitor every aspect of your network to ensure everything is running smoothly.


We offer on-premises troubleshooting and support, as well as remote assistance. We respond in less than 24 hours, and also offer plans including immediate emergency support.

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